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Restore seeks to ensure that its ESG strategy is well managed, that the delivery is sustained and that change is permanent. In order to achieve this, the Group has the following areas of focus:
  • Maintenance of a high quality plc Board
  • Maintenance of Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) code
  • Adoption of TCFD reporting structures
  • Maintenance of appropriate accreditations
  • Main Board ESG sub-committee to provide ESG oversight
  • Appropriate ESG skills and training at all levels

The strong ESG governance ensures ongoing leadership regarding the adoption of policies, processes, accreditations, and codes to achieve transparency, fairness, sustainability and equality.


The Board recognises the need to hold overall accountability for the management of ESG risks and opportunities, including climate change related risks. There is currently a robust structure of financial leadership and management in place, which provides an excellent foundation for assessing the impact of climate change on the organisation from both a risk and opportunistic perspective. The ESG strategy has been established and considers the businesses responsibility for climate action and this has been assessed and approved by the Board.

In relation to climate impact on the Group, key areas considered including management of owned or leased assets, supply chain disruption, changing regulation and extreme weather.

The Group has opportunity to continue to evolve products that can support climate action and reduce organisations impact on climate and meet Net Zero goals. The Board has established an ESG Committee and examination of TCFD forms a part of the Committees Terms of Reference. To ensure sufficiently diverse expertise in climate issues, the Board includes non-executive directors who have expertise in various areas of ESG.

Please see our TCFD report here


Restore provide assurance and governance regarding the services we provide through accreditations. These accreditations are a guarantee of quality and risk management, which also ensures regular external audits. External audits are supported by rigorous internal audits across all businesses, which are reported to the Senior Leadership Teams across the Group.

With respects to ESG specifically, the Group is accredited by Planet Mark and are safety training to ISO45001.

Strong Boards and Committees

Restore has a high quality Board with a strong  governance structure including sub-committees addressing Audit, Remuneration, Nominations. Risk and ESG.

Each Committee is led by a main Board Directors who reports to the plc Board on key goals and progress of each Committee against a defined terms of reference.


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