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Restore recognises the impact of its operations on the environment, its responsibility to the communities it operates within and its obligations to its people, its suppliers and other invested stakeholders.

In addition, Restore provides critical sustainable business services for our customers, which in turn supports those organisations in meeting their own ESG strategies.

Restore has developed a broad ESG strategy that seeks to reduce the impact of the Group on the environment, increase its social contribution and provide ESG leadership to the sectors in which it operates.

This ESG strategy has been developed with reference to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and aims to support the principles set out in the Paris Accord and has been developed following consultation with internal stakeholders, customers, representative shareholders, and other external stakeholders.

A critical pillar of the Group’s ESG strategy is a commitment is to become a Net Zero organisation by 2050. The Group will seek to beat this goal with some businesses aiming to be Net Zero earlier.

Our planet

Restore is committed to lightening its footprint on the planet. It produces carbon through the use of electricity in its operations and through the fleet that it operates and creates waste in consumption of plastics and cardboard.

Restore has made a commitment to accelerate its journey to Net Zero carbon emissions, in-line with the objectives set out in the 2015 Paris Accord and the Group has stated its goal to become a Net Zero organisation by 2050.

Our planet strategy focuses on three key areas

  • Climate action
  • Resource use
  • Biodiversity
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Our people

Restore is a business driven by its purpose, to provide data and information security in a safe and sustainable environment. This relies on strong processes and dedication from the colleagues who make Restore the successful business it is today.

Our people, focuses on five key areas

  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Culture
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community impact
  • Enriching careers and working life
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Our business

The services that Restore provides can assist organisations in reducing their Scope 3 emissions and in delivering their own ESG strategies. However, Restore can develop further capability and increases this positive contribution further.

Restore aims to achieve this through further evolution of five key activities

  • Customer engagement
  • Data security
  • Innovation
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Partnerships
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Our ESG strategic framework

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