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Restore is a business driven by its purpose, to provide data and information security in a safe and sustainable environment. This relies on strong processes and dedication from the colleagues who make Restore the successful business it is today.

Our people, focuses on five key areas

  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Culture
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community impact
  • Enriching careers and working life

Safety and wellbeing

Restore recognises the importance of providing a safe working environment for its people.  That’s why it has make the safety and wellbeing of colleagues the priority. Restore has highly skilled safety teams working across the business and with robust governance, clear processes, training and support, safety and wellbeing is strongly embedded into all areas of the business.

Health and safety has a structure embedded through the business:

H&S Framework

Approved annually by the Board and businesses’ Managing Directors and the competent health and safety person assigned to each business.


Discussed at key governance meetings at plc level, business senior leadership teams, through to individual site level.


Role and risk-based training, assessed and reported on monthly.


Monthly risk and incident reporting from each business to plc Board.

Notification and escalation

Formal process, including anonymous whistleblowing structure.


Restore seeks to support colleagues with their wider wellbeing. This includes provision of access to management for discussion of items of importance, regular team sessions to feedback on issues and opportunities and regular staff surveys to identify strengths and weakness of working in the business.

Restore aims to be an  ‘Great Place to Work’ and has developed an extensive people strategy to continue to improve colleagues experience of their working life.

Ensure culture of safety and well-being first
Safety and well-being primacy on the agenda from Board to depot management
Engage colleagues through regular communication and feedback mechanisms
Review mechanisms to assess well-being and to provide support
100% of colleagues receive role-specific safety awareness
Safety and well-being training for all people managers


Restore wants to ensure that all colleagues are clear on the company’s purpose and mission: why Restore does what it does, and the difference it makes to customers, the planet, and colleagues. The Restore purpose will be underpinned by strong values that guide behaviours in a working environment where it’s safe to speak up and everyone’s voice is heard and welcome.

Provide a culture where everyone can thrive and do their best work
Develop clear strategy and communications on purpose and inclusive culture
Embed and enable colleague forums that allow quality two way feedback
Embed our values and what we stand for across all people practices

Diversity and inclusion

Restore wants all its locations to be places where colleagues can be themselves. The company encourages an inclusive culture where everyone is valued for who they are and can add value with what they do. A culture where people can also be different and where difference is celebrated, recognising that diversity drives more creative, productive and successful teams.

Colleagues from across the Group talk about inclusion and what it means to them.
Download a transcript of the video here

Embrace an inclusive working culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves and where difference is celebrated
Promote, educate and celebrate diversity
Perform regular analysis of the demography of the workforce
Set appropriate targets for representation at each level
Seek to attract a more diverse workforce
Measure and act on colleague survey feedback around inclusion at work

Community impact

Restore is a national business operating across all regions in the UK and committed to being positive and productive members of the local communities it operates in. Restore aims to recruit locally, support local businesses and contribute to local charities recognising that what it does has an impact on the lives of not only those who work for Restore but those who live locally too.

Making a positive contribution to the communities we operate
Championing local recruitment.
Developing partnerships that make a difference to peoples’ lives.
Develop charity committee and objectives that align with our ESG goals and community needs (local and national).

Enriching careers and working life

Restore want to offer people a place to work where they can fulfil their highest potential and where they can grow and develop long and enriching careers. Restore wants to retain the skills and talent it has nurtured and are committed to providing a great place to work, supporting colleagues to work flexibly and to balance their work commitments with their personal ones and rewarding colleagues fairly for the work they do.

Enabling our people to grow and be the best they can be
Enable, promote and sponsor learning (eg apprenticeship opportunities)
Provide career and development guidance for everyone
Provide a fair pay and reward structure
Provide job flexibility

Want to know more?

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