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Restore has built market leading positions with a focus on acquisitions to build scale. Recently, with this scale, the strategy has evolved to deliver more consistent organic growth, efficiency and margin improvement, supported with continued significant acquisitions.

Acquisition timeline

Strong leadership

In March 2019 Charles Bligh joined Restore as CEO, closely followed by Neil Ritchie as CFO and further changes in the Executive Team which kick started the recent evolution of Restore as a business.

In 2019 a new strategy was announced to drive further significant growth across all markets. It combines a disciplined approach to acquisitions to drive further scale and new capability, consistent organic growth and using our new scale to drive our costs down to maintain a strong competitive advantage. The organic growth was spearheaded by cross selling across the five businesses to each other’s customer base.

In 2020 Restore created its first Executive Committee. This included the CEO, CFO, the Managing Directors of all businesses, the Company Secretary, the Chief People Officer, and the Director of Corporate Development. This formalisation of a ONE Restore leadership team across the Group allowed the ambitious strategy to come to life, particularly looking at synergies and opportunities across Restore to deliver more value to customers.

Exciting, dynamic and agile Restore is well placed to grow

Restore’s leadership team has changed significantly over the last three years, to allow the business to develop further with a formal business strategy; clear KPIs and an equal focus on organic growth and acquisition.

Making Restore a “Great Place to Work”

Restore now has 95 sites across the UK, and over 2,760 employees. In 2020 Restore launched its people strategy, spearheaded by our Chief People Officer, Angie Wiseman, entitled: Great Place to Work. The strategy supports our employees having long-term, meaningful roles at Restore.


In 2021 we launched our ESG strategy in recognition that with financial strength comes great responsibility. Not only do we ensure that our businesses operate in a sustainable way, but we are also reducing our impact on the world, and giving back to the local communities we operate in. Restore are aligned with the circular economy, not only working in a sustainable way; but ensuring our customers are fulfilling their responsibilities too.


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About our businesses

Our businesses are on high growth trajectories, each with a unique business strategy for their market. Sharing target markets, they work closely together as ONE Restore to grow organically.

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Sustainability commitment

With financial strength comes great responsibility. Our ESG strategy is essential to the Restore culture and ensuring we are a responsible business to the planet, our people and our local communities.

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