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The services that Restore provides can assist organisations in reducing their Scope 3 emissions and in delivering their own ESG strategies. However, Restore can develop further capability and increases this positive contribution further.

Restore aims to achieve this through further evolution of five key activities

  • Customer engagement
  • Data security
  • Innovation
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Partnerships

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is essential to Restore’s business strategy, Restore seeks customer feedback through its ordinary operating processes and actively measures customer satisfaction levels through external assessment tools.

The services Restore provide are strongly orientated to meeting the governance, security or environmental needs of organisations. These services are highly related to ESG principles and Restore is actively developing new products to improve the quality and range of services in these areas.

Importantly this includes investing in reporting and feedback portals that provide Restore and its customers with the statistical evidence of how they are reducing their impact on the planet by choosing Restore as their partner.

Partner with our customers to deliver our ESG goals and enable them to deliver theirs
Work with our customers to help adapt to new operational method towards our ESG goals
Develop Net Zero products that support customers in reaching their scope 3 emissions
Improve carbon and resource use reporting to enable Restore and our customers to understand their impact and improve

Data security

Restore provides a range of highly secure and highly accredited services that provide assurance on physical and digital information management.

Restore holds a detailed quarterly security governance meeting, which provides detailed status on the broad range of threats and mitigations across the Group involving business continuity, cyber and physical security, and personnel turnover.

To always be a trusted custodian of your data
Regular horizon-scanning process to identify threats and trends regarding data security
Maintain ISO/IEC27001 and latest accreditation
Continue working with a data protection testing partner to stress test data security
Deliver enhanced data security/awareness training for all staff with network access


Restore prides itself on being a market leader in the sectors in which it operates.

Through a thought leadership programme #RestoreAnswers, the business conducts annual research across  our 55,000+ customer base, writes white papers, and prepares video content, sharing Restore’s expertise with its customers. This programme is well respected within the industry and provides  customers with  a useful source of information on latest business trends, as well as leading the conversation on data, assets, business models and workflows.

Find out more about #RestoreAnswers

Restore also looks to innovate according to circular principals both across its product and service set; it’s internal processes and by exploring new technology as it becomes available.

Leading by example and promoting ESG in the sectors in which we operate
Embed ESG into product development strategies across each business
Encourage staff to contribute ideas on new processes or services that are ESG focused
Work with key suppliers to provide commitments to innovate and support Restore’s ESG goals
Be willing to take appropriate risks in accelerating the adoption of new ESG-led technologies to improve our services

Transparency and accountability

Under the guidance and supervision of the Board, Restore pursues the highest standard of corporate responsibility, backed with transparency and accountability.

Just like its business strategy, ESG will be transparent and will annually report against KPIs.

Adopting best in class governance practices in ESG and the operations of the business
Maintain Planet Mark ESG accreditation
Produce annual ESG report to publicly report against all our long-term ESG goals
Report against the UN TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) Framework on an annual basis, including climate scenario modelling


Restore are committed to engaging  with suppliers that are environmentally and socially responsible. Managing the impact of Restore’s supply chain on the environment is an important part of Restore’s ESG strategy and is a key part of the commitment to maintaining biodiversity.

Restore’s goal is to work with suppliers who align with its ESG strategy and supporting policies. Restore is fully committed to the principles of preventing Modern Slavery and Exploitation and looks to ensure the the supply chains feeding into its supplier’s own chain are also aligning with our ESG principals.

Working with suppliers to create solutions to the ESG challenge
Implement a sustainable procurement policy with associated action plans
Develop a Supply Chain Charter to hold suppliers to a standard in-line with Restore’s ESG commitments
Work with other organisations, industry bodies, to tackle wider ESG issues – influencing and raising the bar
Engage supply chain on their carbon footprint with the aim of collaboratively setting reduction targets

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