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National full-service storage business with excellent customer satisfaction that is fully integrated and focusing on growth.

Restore Records Management is number two in the marketplace, with 6,000 customers across the private and public sectors. The business provides storage and retrieval solutions for hard copy documents, magnetic data storage tapes and heritage assets together with a range of document management services. Increasingly this includes emergency digital return of records on an ad-hoc basis, something we are stronger than our competitors with, due to wider Group expertise.

The Restore difference

Our customers store and manage their records at a much lower cost than in-house with a highly digital customer experience through our own digital portal ensuring best in market customer experience. Our wealth of experience and accreditations means they also receive a bespoke service based on their requirements. We are investing heavily in the products and services to help our customers in a hybrid world of physical and digital storage for the next 50 years. Our wealth of experience and accreditations means they also receive a bespoke service based on their requirements.

Outperforming the competition

Top of the range, sustainable facilities, and fleets

Continuous chain of custody, as digitisation and destruction remain within the Restore Group

Full range of accreditations across all Restore facilities

Optimised estate, and in turn optimised storage density and costs

Ability to upsell to other Group customers easily, rather than relying fully on new logo for organic growth

Records Management in numbers

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See the difference in action

Our company video brings to life Restore Records Management and their services.


Nigel Dews
Managing Director, Restore Records Management

Records Management business strategy

Restore Records Management has a high annuity base, with the bulk of our customers in long term contracts. Once customers’ store with us, they rarely move, which makes the customer base extremely sticky, and has allowed us to continually increase our organic growth rate year on year.

The business has a strong sales engine and is regularly winning new contracts. We are in a great position to win business from our competitors, due to the other services the Restore Group can provide, and our integrated approach to hard copy and Digital data management. While our own customer base is sticky, we are making real gains from our competitors.

A focus of the Records Management strategy is margin expansion, which is achieved through an optimal property portfolio. Operating from 56 sites across the UK, the property estate is primarily leasehold and provides a mixture of deep and active storage options. Most facilities take the form of large, modern industrial units, which allows us to create tall warehouse areas for optimal storage per feet. The business also operates from several cost-effective locations in hardened aircraft shelters and former stone mines. All sites are on a rigorous sustainability programme including solar panels, REGO backed energy contracts and dark energy where appropriate.

Consistent achievement of our strategy has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and excellent customer retention. This in turn has allowed the Records Management team to introduce other Group services to their 6,000+ customers, due to the long-term partnerships account managers develop.

Our growth drivers

Strong sales engine

Long term partnerships, sticky revenue

Office reconfigurations due to hybrid working means in-house storage less appealing

GDPR and data protection, while growing trend to maximise data strategies

Case Study
Department of Work and Pension, UK Government

28,000 square metres of paper records

DWP’s largest records management site at Heywood Stores, near Manchester, houses around 28 million files. The 28,000 square metre site occupies several large storage facilities and is the DWP’s main storage centre for its paper files nationally.

The Heywood Stores site had been in use since the second world war and, over successive years, the files had grown to a point where there needed to be a full review of what had to be retained and what could be safely destroyed or scanned and stored digitally. Luckily Restore Records Management are here to help.

Case Study
Subud Britain

Climatic conditions for essential archives

The records of the development of Subud since its formation form very important archives that are the evidence of its history. Records in all formats such as paper, photographs, audio and video assets and their authenticity are the sources that provide the evidence of Subud itself. This collection of assets is what Subud needs to store in absolute security, in the right climatic conditions for the long term. They will be untouched unless drawn on to generate research masters; hence Restore’s specialist facility was essential.

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