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Transformative digital workflows including document scanning, workflow automation, cloud-based document management systems, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. The business has over 833 staff working across 11 sites in the UK.

The Restore difference

The business is built through long-term partnerships, where small one-off scanning projects are developed into long term, digital transformation journeys. With dedicated service delivery, project management and customer services teams, the 500+ customers are not only spending more year on year, but being introduced to our wider Group services, and turning to Restore Digital’s higher margin, annuity based services such as electronic document management systems and digital mailroom.

Outperforming the competition

Full document management capabilities, with one chain of custody for data with Records Management and Datashred

Leading provider of sophisticated digital mailrooms across the UK

Full range of accreditations across all Restore facilities

Ability to upsell to other Group customers easily, rather than relying fully on new logo for organic growth

Digital in numbers


 at 31 December 2022
revenue 2022
cloud hosted documents

See the difference in action

Our company video brings to life Restore Digital and their services.


Mark Horrocks
Managing Director, Restore Digital

Digital business strategy

Having expanded rapidly to number one in the market place, Restore Digital aims to continue to grow through: strategic acquisition that enhances our product offering; organic growth in highly confidential and specialised scanning which is higher margin than traditional scanning projects; organic growth in annuity-based, higher-margin services like digital mailroom, cloud-based electronic document management systems and robotics.

As scale increases, margins will expand as scale offers the opportunity for processing efficiency, especially for commodity scanning projects, and higher returns on central investment costs.

The Digital business also acts as a good retention tool for our other businesses. Digital transformation is a key part of most organisations’ business strategy. Other businesses at Restore use digital transformation to make their proposition more compelling and meaningful than competitors. Therefore, by introducing Restore Digital services, their own services become stickier.

Our growth drivers

Hybrid working accelerating move to digitisation and automation

NHS drive to digitise GP records, where Restore are the number one scanning partner in England

Demand for cloud-based systems increasing – with audit trail and compliance key

GDPR and data protection, with growing trend to maximise data strategies

Case Study
HMRC mailroom, UK Government

5-6 million mailroom items scanned every month

HMRC’s digital mailroom now processes over 35,000 mail items per day within service level agreements’s of 36 to 48 hours. In total, it handles 5-6m scanned images per month. The partnership has resulted in up to 95% automatic classification of document type, subject matter, and ID of customer. This enables ‘correct routing’ of mail to the nominated recipient within HMRC without the need of manual intervention.

Case Study
LG Scanning

Over 77 million images from GP surgeries across the UK

Over 77 million images have been scanned by Restore Digital on behalf on NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK. This translates to over 950,000 files, and over 700,000 patients. Restore Digital is the leading primary care digitisation partner within the UK.

Our partnership with EMIS has enabled us to provide quicker electronic access to patient records for GP surgeries, ensuring security and quality around a process that is complex. Through our extensive knowledge of GP surgeries, collaborative approach and learnings, we have made considerable service and process enhancements to create a proven methodology, underpinned by a commitment to excellence and ongoing improvements.

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