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Our people are at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why we have a culture where we’re focused on unleashing potential and helping our colleagues be the best they can be, encouraging a culture where collaboration and teamwork that enables creativity is the norm, and where we nurture the sense of community and family our people feel when they work here, one where they can be themselves and are valued for both who they are and for what they do.

We want to ensure that our colleagues enjoy coming to work, that they feel empowered to get involved and speak up, and that they know how to do their best and make a difference every day, not just for our customers but in the communities that we operate in too.

Our Great Place to Work people strategy helps us to do this. It ensures that as a growing business we are always talking and listening to our people, that we’re investing in their skills and development, and that we’re always looking for new ways to make their working lives easier and to improve their working experience. It’s a three year plan to harness the power of our people in delivering our ambitious growth strategy and truly making Restore a Great Place to Work.

Our culture

We have started to take our culture onto the next level of performance to support our growth plans and to continue delivering excellence for our customers.

Enriching careers at Restore

We have invested in how we attract diverse talent into our businesses, making it easier to start a career at Restore. This also empowers our existing Colleagues to expand their careers and deepen their skills by moving into new areas across Restore which we actively encourage and support. See our new Careers website here.

Collaboration across Restore

We have also invested in Microsoft 365 and now every colleague has access to more collaboration tools. Whether it’s for productivity or for social connection through our new Group intranet, Circle, our colleagues are working smarter and building relationships across Restore. We also have colleague forums and regularly act upon the feedback they give us via our engagement process, Your Say.

Safety and well-being

A Safe Place to Work is at the heart of Restore and we have started to build on the already embedded safety culture with a focus on well-being, starting with mental health. We are continuing to bring more wellbeing awareness and behaviours into our working life at Restore to support our colleagues feel at their best in every way.

Leadership for the future

We recognise the critical role that our People Managers play and the positive impact they have on our people, and customers. Supporting our People Managers is a big focus for 2022 and beyond. The successful delivery of our plans is in the hands of our People Manager community, and we have exciting plans to support all Leaders at every level across Restore to develop their skills in service of driving colleague and customer engagement and satisfaction.

How living our values powers our performance

Embedding sustainability

Across Restore there has been excellent progress in the last few years in creating a more sustainable business and we have re-doubled our efforts with an ambitious ESG strategy. We have made strong commitments with measurable KPI’s. Please see the ESG strategy here.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and this helps our customers improve their sustainability and reduce their impact on the planet when they partner with us. We are constantly innovating and improving our sustainable services, and with the financial strength to make long term investments we will be at the forefront of our markets.

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Our businesses are on high growth trajectories, each with a unique business strategy for their market. Sharing target markets, they work closely together as ONE Restore to grow organically.

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Sustainability commitment

With financial strength comes great responsibility. Our ESG strategy is essential to the Restore culture and ensuring we are a responsible business to the planet, our people and our local communities.