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Restore Datashred is a highly accredited and trusted supplier of secure paper destruction services, operating with national scale but providing local customer service. Competing with many smaller or less regulated suppliers, we are the most sophisticated operator in this fragmented and under-optimised recycling market.

The Restore difference

Serving over 32,500 customers across more than 78,000 locations from SMEs to large national organisations, excellence in service delivery and positive customer experience is reflected in the 4.6/5 Trust Pilot rating.

Outperforming the competition

Full document management capabilities, with one chain of custody for data with Records Management and Digital

Scale, driving profitability through route density and operational efficiency

Full range of accreditations across all Restore facilities

Less reliant on paper resale for our profitability

Ability to upsell to other Group customers easily, rather than relying fully on new logo for organic growth

Datashred in numbers

 at 31 December 2022

revenue 2022
tonnes of paper recycled

See the difference in action

Our company video brings to life Restore Datashred and their services.


Duncan Gooding
Managing Director, Restore Datashred

Datashred business strategy

Most of the income is highly contracted, and the business provides both onsite destruction or secure collection and destruction at one of the regionally located processing plants. An average of 85,000 tonnes of paper is processed each year which is subsequently sold into the recycled pulp market for reuse.

Other competitors in the sector are more reliant on shredded paper resale values than us and, as such, the business is more resilient and able to take advantage of fluctuations in the shredded paper market.

Having grown through acquisition, we are currently number two in the UK marketplace. The business’s scale is particularly important in a sector where the key factor driving profitability is route density and operational efficiency. As part of a high-quality public company environment, the business is operated to high standards of control, providing customers with a high degree of confidence in governance over their confidential waste disposal.

Looking ahead, as organisations respond to increasing environmental obligations and regulation, we have significant opportunity to grow share through organic expansion and market consolidation.

The business provides a highly complementary service to our other activities across the Group with many customers having a shredding requirement as part of a location move or digitisation process, for example. Datashred’s large customer base is also a perfect springboard for our other business to offer complementary services.

Our growth drivers

Strong reputation for high levels of customer service

ESG credentials, but also supporting our customer’s ESG objectives

Flexible contracts – accommodating home-working security

Market consolidation allowing acquisition opportunities

Case Study
Salvation Army

Turning unsuitable donations into refuse derived fuel

“The process was simple, effective and as environmentally friendly as it’s possible to be. The latter is a strong message for us to pass back to our donors and benefactors.”

Millie Caffull
Communications Manager, Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is fortunate to receive many textiles donations from the public and from corporations to help fund their work. Sometimes clothing is too old or damaged and so is not suitable to be sold in the organisation’s shops, while the uniforms cannot, for fraud and brand protection purposes, be used again.

The textiles were shredded in their entirety by Restore Datashred, including the buttons and badges. The shredded material was then baled and sent on, securely, for further processing so that it becomes RDF (refuse derived fuel). Essentially, the textiles are burnt to produce steam, which is then converted into energy.

Case Study
Kent Hospitals

No waste?
No charge!

The previous system involved hospital porters delivering and collecting sacks. This created a housekeeping problem and was a drain on the porter’s time. We recommended using lockable bins placed at key points around the hospital. The bins come in a variety of sizes. So, for medical records we used a 360-litre bin instead of three smaller bins. This complemented our document shredding and recycling services perfectly.

Lockable bins have a paper slot at the top, preventing contents from escaping or being taken, and reducing fire risk. The system is clean and easy to use by all staff. We empty bins on a weekly basis and the client is charged only for weight of contents – therefore, no waste, no charge. Wastepaper is shredded, baled and recycled to make tissue products. Regular clients receive an annual certificate showing their contribution to recycling.

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