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Harrow Green has a large fleet of over 130 vehicles, the largest of all the Restore business units. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are moving our fleet over to electric, and are proud to be part of The Climate Group’s EV100 project.

At Harrow Green we are using the Renault eMaster, a fully electric version of Renault’s original Master with a range of 80 miles and payloads of up to 1,000kg.

Restore Datashred have joined Volta Trucks’ Pioneer Programme as one of the businesses who will be trialling the capabilities and efficiencies of this new EV vehicle in our day-to-day activities, including helping us deliver a zero-carbon footprint over the coming years.

The Volta Zero has been designed as an EV from the outset to reduce the environmental impact of freight deliveries and collections, having a range of 150-200kms and eliminating CO2 emissions.

“Now is a great time to be ‘going electric’, given current market rates for fuel vs. electricity. I’m delighted to work with Volta Trucks on this project that helps us take a step into the future.”
Ian Walsh
Restore Datashred’s Head of Fleet