Analyst Consensus

  Min £M Max £M Analyst coverage**
Revenue 211.0 218.0 4
Adjusted Profit *** 42.3 43.0 4
Adjusted EPS*** 27.1 28.5 4
Net debt (87.5) (89.0) 4
  Low £M High £M Analyst coverage*
Revenue 216.0 228.9 4
Adjusted Profit *** 45.0 46.7 4
Adjusted EPS*** 29.1 30.2 4
Net debt (62.2) (69.0) 3


* Last updated 9th January 2020
** Analyst consensus is pre IFRS16
*** Adjusted profit is stated before tax, exceptional items, amortisation and share-based payments



The Analyst Consensus is provided for informational purposes only and the convenience of our investors and does not represent the opinions, forecasts or forward-looking statements of Restore plc or its management. Restore plc is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and cannot offer investment advice and as such this information should not be relied upon in any investment decision. Although Restore plc intends to update this information periodically, no obligation should be assumed to update or revise this information to reflect circumstances existing after the date above. In consequence, Restore plc cannot be held responsible for any of the information, statement or data contained in or omitted from this table and provides no assurance with regards to the accuracy or correctness of the data.