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Restore's Document Management division consists of three business streams: document storage – both physical and Cloud storage, shredding and scanning, working together to deliver customer requirements across the Document Management sector.

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Restore Records Management provides storage and retrieval of hard copy documents, typically stored in cardboard boxes. It manages millions of archive boxes of document files, magnetic data, film and other materials for blue-chip organisations, from 45 sites across mainland Britain, including a 70-acre freehold underground site near Bath. It also provides Cloud storage, allowing immediate access to indexed records. Services include reorganisation of customer documents, document restoration, file-tracking services within customers' own buildings and electronic data back-up to a broad range of customers throughout the UK.

provides secure shredding and recycling for customers across the UK operating from 14 sites, with mobile shredding units for secure on-site destruction. All waste is recycled to produce tissue/paper products or in the generation of electricity.

leading document conversion and data management specialist converting hard-copy documents into electronic data. As part of its service from 6 sites, it organises and indexes electronic versions of documents for efficient location.


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