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Our Digital Journey programme is a big part of Datashred’s strategy to transform our business over the next few years by:

  • Improving our customer experience driving more services online
  • Providing customers with the ability to self-serve
  • Improving the way in which we operate
  • Adding more value to the workplace
  • Simplifying what we do

Over the last few months, Natalie Matthews, Transformation and Integration Director at Restore Datashred, has met with lots of people from different business functions to understand their pain points, and ideas on business improvements.

From this feedback we have been able to identify main themes for improvement which has helped us shape our Digital journey plan.

  • Data Cleanse

To perform data cleansing within our business systems to improve the quality and accuracy of our data.

  • Management Information and reporting

To improve management information and reporting to increase visibility of our customers and business performance, enabling us to make quicker and more informed decisions

  • Customer Reporting

To improve the value and quality of our customer reports, consolidating and removing manual effort by using automation

  • Process Simplification & Improvement

To simplify our business, improve processes, remove duplication using automation where possible and drive consistencies in how we work.

  • Sales process automation & simplification

To improve existing processes, automate and improve user experience

  • Replace of our operational system

To replace Enterprise with a flexible, scalable application with an improved user experience

  • Customer Portal

To provide a self-service customer portal driving more processes online to improve the customer experience and journey.