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Very soon Restore Records Management will be launching our brand-new customer care helpdesk. This new software will help get all inbound queries to the right team quicker, and in turn respond more effectively to our customers.

Records Management have been reviewing all the tasks we are asked to do by customers, and the internal workflows connected to them. Many of these tasks will be managed through the new helpdesk which will be able to support with common responses, forms to make sure we capture all required information from our customers or internally in the first response.

We have also taken the opportunity to unify all the regional teams within Records Management who have been known as customer service, customer support, admin etc up until this point. All these teams are now Regional Customer Care, supported by our network of Account Managers.

Benefits of the new software

  • Customers queries will get picked up by the right team quickly
  • It will be easy to categorise and manage queries
  • All correspondence and notes will be saved within the ticket
  • Pre-written responses and forms to common questions will be available to select
  • Automated workflows to assist in back-office tasks which will improve response times
  • A single pane of glass to view all our customers details
  • Powerful Insights into how we interact with our customers, including valuable Analytics & MI
  • A new Customer Care Portal for our Customers to view tickets, knowledge base articles and more
  • Integration with Trustpilot to get real-time reviews and respond directly to customer reviews
  • Integration with Telephony Teams and eventually with all line of business applications that help us deliver our services
  • Chat and Chatbot integration
  • Social Channel Integration
“Our specialist contractor, Restore Digital, has worked incredibly hard to secure Place of Deposit status and we’re extremely proud of this achievement.”
Martin Robb
Programme Manager for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) Information Governance Programme