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Restore is the UK’s leading provider of integrated information and data management services, secure technology recycling, and commercial relocation solutions. We help customers manage their physical, digital and IT assets. We manage risk on behalf of our customers, so that they have the peace of mind to be able to focus on their core, revenue generating activities. 

We support customers who are office-based, on operational sites, working from home or remotely, or a combination. We are focused on cash generative growth which creates value that is invested back into the business to improve what we do for our customers, invest in acquisitions to drive further scale and capability and provide an appropriate return to shareholders who enjoy the long term growth in value.

A compelling proposition

Provide mission critical services to business and public sector
Competitive advantage through our scale, tight cost control, UK focus and market knowledge
Nationwide coverage providing a one stop shop
High levels of customer service driving repeat business
Cross-selling other services to customers
Leverage Group wide technology investments
Highly motivated and skilled team
Track record in integrating and improving acquisitions
Responsible leadership

These characteristics are supported by the Restore culture which drive behaviours and allows the business to come together as ONE Restore to generate further value to customers as they use more of the companies services.

Our strategic foundations

Our strategy is based on three core elements:

Organic growth

Grow faster than the market through high retention, repeat business and cross-selling the wider services of the Group, as well as a strong percentage of new logo business each year.


Significant acquisition opportunities over the long term in still largely fragmented and in some cases immature markets.

Margin expansion

After many years of acquisitive growth our cost base is much larger giving us further buying power to reduce cost. Additionally, there is a significant opportunity in real estate rationalisation as we grow further.

Business model

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