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Who we are


Who we are


Who we are

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Who we are


Who we are

What we do

Restore is formed from five business units, who together offer organisations a holistic approach to the management of their data, information and assets. With over 55,000 active customer across the Group, we support organisations whether they are office based, on operational sites, home or remote working, or have a hybrid approach to their business.

What we do
Annual Results 2021


Restore has delivered an exceptional financial performance for 2021 with strong organic growth, transformative acquisitions and increasing demand for our services demonstrating the critical nature of the services we provide.

Annual Results 2021

Delivering exceptional performance

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Our strategy and business model

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Financial highlights

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Full Year 2021


2020: £182.7m
2019: £215.6m
Full Year 2021


2020: £57.4m
2019: £70.0m
Full Year 2021


2020: £218.6m
2019: £218.5m

About our business

Storing in confidence
The largest UK owned Records Management company. We store and manage all of your business-critical documents, back-up tapes and heritage items, with a range of online management and retrieval options.

Making our customers’ data work harder
Digital transformation solutions and streamlined workflows, data and document scanning with cloud-based EDM systems. At Restore Digital we ensure security and compliance with the highest industry standards.

Serious about shredding
We are one of the leading providers of document destruction in the United Kingdom, with 11 secure shredding centres across the country, providing scale, efficiency and value to our customers.

Moving professionals
As the market leader in commercial relocation, we specialise in creating effective workspaces, as well as business and technology moves and storage for all sectors, focusing on customer led approaches.

Services for our customers’ IT assets
The complete set of services for your information technology assets. From installation to relocation, resale and recycling, Restore Technology can optimise and manage the entire journey of your hardware.

Complex ideas simplified
#RestoreAnswers allows us to discuss and explore the main trends within information, data and asset management, as well as wider business trends through our large customer base.

Our client base

We have over 55,000 active customers, many of whom buy from multiple Restore businesses:

FTSE 100
Top 50 UK accountancy practices
Top 100 law firms
Local Authorities
NHS Trusts

Restoring our World


Restore recognises the impact of its operations on the environment, its responsibility to the communities it operates within, and its obligation to its people, its suppliers and other invested stakeholders.

Our planet

Restore is committed to lightening its footprint on the planet.

Our people

Restore’s success relies on the colleagues who make Restore the business it is today.

Our business

The services Restore provides can assist organisations in their own ESG strategies.

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