Restore plc

Restore plc

UK Modern Slavery Statement

 Anti-Slavery policy statement

Restore plc has a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and is committed to preventing acts of slavery and human trafficking from occurring within both its business and supply chain, and imposes those same high standards on its contractors, suppliers and other business partners.

Company structure

Restore plc provides inter-related office support services to customers throughout the UK.

Restore plc has a number of subsidiary companies whose activities form part of its supply chain or business.

Restore plc has an extensive supply chain and we procure goods and services in excess of £150 million per year. We work with a wide range of different suppliers, subcontractors and partners each of which will have their own subcontractors, affiliates and associate entities.

Restore plc is therefore connected to multiple entities through numerous contractual relationships.

Due diligence processes


  • Operate strict procurement processes, ensuring suppliers comply with all applicable laws and standards, including those which relate to the Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • Expect our suppliers to have suitable anti-slavery and human trafficking policies and processes in place within their own businesses and to cascade those policies to their own suppliers
  • Our Procurement Teams follow the advice and guidance in relation to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and ensures ongoing improvements set out in the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights and standards of the International Labour Organisation   
  • Provide regular training in respect of the Modern Slavery Act to our Procurement and Management Teams who are responsible for ensuring those reporting to them have read and comply with this policy which is included on the intranet site and within the company handbook
  • Encourage staff to identify and report any potential breaches of Restore’s anti-slavery policy statement
  • Whistle blowers are protected through our confidential reporting process.

The above procedures are designed to:

  • Identify and assess potential risk areas in our business and supply chains
  • Reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in our business and supply chains
  • Monitor potential risk areas in our business and supply chains
  • Provide adequate protection for whistle blowers.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Restore plc’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31/12/17.

This statement has been approved and signed by Charles Skinner, the Chief Executive of Restore plc on 30th April 2018.


Restore plc has the following trading subsidiaries as at 31.12.17:

Data Solutions 2016 Limited, Restore Scan Limited, Harrow Green Limited, IT Efficient Limited, Relocom Limited, ITP (UK) Limited, Office Green Limited, Takeback Limited, ITP GmbH.