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In April 2021 Restore acquired EDM UK Limited, and in August started the processes of integrating the business into Restore Digital and Restore Records Management accordingly.

Restore has a long history of successfully integrating companies following acquisition, and the focus is always our team, their well-being and the wider Restore culture.

As part of the programme we recently undertook a pulse survey with colleagues as a quick check-in on how the team was feeling as we go through this period of transformation. We wanted to ensure all colleagues had access to the information and support they feel they need during this time.

The results were incredibly positive and clearly demonstrated that our plans were working. But it is important to still listen to the c.20% who felt they needed more support. We have gathered additional ideas which we will add to our project plan.

  • 80% agreed or strongly agreed that they were excited about our future
  • 78% agreed or strongly agreed that they knew where to find information about what is happening when they needed it
  • 81% agreed or strongly agreed that they knew where to get support if they needed it.

The survey was followed by a live “Meet the MDs” session, where Mark Horrocks MD of Restore Digital; Nigel Dews MD of Restore Records Management and Kieran Walshe MD of EDM UK Ltd, were available to answer any questions in person.